VICTOR Badminton Air Shuttle for outdoor - New Released - 3pcs per tube

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As the AirBadminton game takes place in outdoor environment, the presence of wind and gusts will impact the flight performance of the AirShuttle. Much of the power in a badminton shot comes from the string. Thus, it is important to know how string tension can affect the AirBadminton game.

AirBadminton has been designed to be played with the same traditional rackets. However, based on the outdoor elements involved during the game it is recommended that players use a lower tension (8-9kg / 17.5-20lbs) when playing AirBadminton.

Weight: 0.19 kg
Dimensions: 7 × 7 × 15 cm
Tube: 3 pieces
Head: Nano Base
Skirt: Polypropylene

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